Happy Hour for Creators

Would you like an invite? 

Happy Hour for Creators events are socials for artists, makers and creatives who’d like to connect with other creatives, and chat about the ins-and-outs of creative life and artistic practice.

They’re typically held on the first Wednesday of each month, at 6pm (UK), using Zoom. 

Connecting is more important than ever while we navigate the changes to, and differences in our daily lives. There are definitely challenges to overcome but also opportunities to create differently too. Those themes are worth discussing, at the same time as not taking ourselves too seriously.

Because the events are hosted, by organiser Ruth Crone, small talk is kept to a minimum and awkward silences are rare. Fair warning though, Ruth’s superpower is asking questions, so come with an open mind, and confident in the knowledge that you can pass at any time.

Join other motivated and inspiring artists, makers and creatives on a call soon, for a chat about creative life and all of its multifaceted intricacies. They’re conveniently held via Zoom, and you’d be made very welcome.